How Do I Reduce My Employee Benefits Costs?

The benefits industry is changing frequently. Even though your company may have renewed your medical insurance only a few months ago, it still makes sense to speak with a licensed agent. New rates, plans and rules may make now the perfect time to shop.  For example, your company may have been with the same carrier for years.  Does this mean you are getting the best deal for your company? - no. We find the opposite is true many times. With the new rules and the lack of underwriting for smaller businesses, your loss history won't follow your company if you change carriers today.  In fact the carriers can't ask medical questions about your group.  So your current carriers rates may be based on your history making it the perfect time to shop.  Many agents will take the easy way out and simply renew. That may not be in the best interest for you or your employees. Today there isn't a lot of information required for quoting. The agent simply needs a current census including basic information like birth date, gender, coverage level and zip code.  For a comparison you may need to supply your current plans and rates. 

We take all your information, including the rates/plans that we receive from the carriers and layout the information side by side for an easy comparison.  Sometimes we may find a more non traditional solution might be the best so we will explore either PEO's or Self/Level Funded medical plans.

Our goal is to deliver cost effective benefits providing quality coverage's for you and your employees  

No matter what plans and rates you currently have, when you consider the potential savings and the ease of getting quotes, we recommend you check every 6 months. You may be surprised at what you find.